SeatZac user guide

 Watch the  video - to see how to fillSeatZac 

 video  SeatZac.




  • Take out your chill bag from the bag and unroll it. Unbutton a clasp and give a few shakes for your bag to unroll fully. 
  • Open the air cameras of the bag (one after another), fill them with air using the moves shown in the video. You can also find your own ways which can be more effective. 
  • A new SeatZac chill bag has to be filled with air and emptied out a couple of times so that the air can distribute and the bag can acquire its shape. Later it will be much easier to fill the bag even in the room! 
  • Fully filled chill bag SeatZac will look better and be really comfortable to sit in, but if it is less filled, it will be comfortable to communicate and sit in a semi-upright position.

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