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payment through the e-shop is currently disrupted. 

Please send information about the desired quantity, colors and delivery address to like@seatzac.eu.
We will promptly send an invoice for prepayment.

For those who buy 3 or more units - delivery is FREE. 

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About SeatZac

 One evening for a group young and active people from Amsterdam became a real challenge. In a city which is so popular among tourists it was impossible to find a place to spend time with their friends. Tired of endless crowds and constant hearing of the phrase “sorry, there are no tables available”, they decided to create their own independent and mobile chillspot. This is how the idea of the SeatZac chill bag was born.

From now on friends just need to meet and pick a place (roof terrace, park, beach, festival and etc.) and with few moves they are enable to create wonderful and comfortable chill zone. Because the chillspot is always on their shoulder. And that is how the motto was created – chill wherever you like!


SeatZac - Mobile: chill bag is your rest spot that you can fill with 400 litres of air within a few seconds, with one zigzagging move.

SeatZac - Strong: it is made of very strong polyester (also called parachute silk) and weighs about 1,1 kg with its special bag included.

SeatZac - Ideal for your free time in a park, festival, beach, pool or on your roof terrace. You won’t have to sit on cold snow or ice in the winter because SeatZac will be as good as a cosy armchair.

SeatZac - Shining interior detail: with a LED light you can not only light up your chill zone but also literally let your SeatZac shine. And if it gets dark, you won’t have to hurry home yet!

SeatZacStylish: available in 6 funky colours.

Chill wherever you like!